BRIGitte and Habib: The 2016 Usama Al-Khalidi Award Recipients

With thanks to the generous contributions of family and friends, we were able to offer two Usama Al-Khalidi awards to two exceptional candidates from the Biology department at AUB.


Brigitte on a hiking trip in Meteora, Greece

Brigitte on a hiking trip in Meteora, Greece

Brigitte Kazzi’s academic accomplishments are impressive.  She has consistently maintained a high GPA and has been on the Dean’s honor list throughout her school and university years.  Brigitte is fully fluent in English, Arabic and French and has begun to learn Mandarin and Spanish. Beside her intellect, Brigitte has been an active member of many community service and advocacy groups lobbying for an end to gender based violence and abuse with Kafa, supporting environmental awareness and recycling initiatives with Recycle Lebanon, and supporting efforts to encourage the use of renewable energy through GreenPeace.  Brigitte was also an active volunteer at the St. Jude’s Children Cancer Center supporting young cancer patients and their families. 

In her high school years, Brigitte managed the Islamo-Christian Tolerance Project and organized camps for students from other religions to foster greater understanding.  As a scout chief, she organized camps, hikes, talent shows and supported the reconstruction of neighborhoods in Ashrafieh damaged by shelling.  She also mentored young adults on a wide range of social issues, including corruption, rape, and tolerance. 

With a passion for medicine, Brigitte joined the medical research volunteer program at the AUB Medical Center and worked with Dr. Samia Khoury on research related to the effect of vitamin D on multiple sclerosis. She also spent some time at King Faysal hospital shadowing Dr Bahaa Fadel from the cardiology-radiology department.  Brigitte will be attending Columbia University’s School of Medicine in the Fall of 2016. 

Habib El-Khoury

A scholar, an actor, an athlete and a volunteer for various charities, Habib El-Khoury has been an honour student throughout high school and has recently graduated with honors from AUB’s Biology Department. He is fully fluent in Arabic, English and French. During his time at AUB, Habib acted as a Medical Research Volunteer supporting Dr. Hassan Chami on a clinical research project exploring steroid administration in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients undergoing elective surgery.

Habib on one of his BSS volunteer missions

Habib on one of his BSS volunteer missions

In his senior year at AUB, Habib acted as President of the Biology Student Society (BSS) where he led a number of charity initiatives, including raising funds to help SOS Villages secure gifts and food units for children at Christmas time.  Through the BSS Habib also helped a local NGO renovate a house for an underprivileged family in Beirut. Also, during his high school years Habib volunteered for Arc En Ciel, an NGO that helps orphans and low-income children, and Deir Mar Mansour.

Since his years at the International College (IC), Habib has been passionate about the theater and about acting.  In addition to acting in such classics as Molière’s, Le Médecin Malgré Lui and Le Malade Imaginaire, Habib also wrote scripts and prepared scenes and decoration for theater sets.  As recipient of the Most Distinguished Theater Student award at IC, Habib continued to support and encourage theater students during his university years, assisting in the restructuring of the theater curriculum, and supporting the theater formation of younger students at IC.

Habib is also a football (soccer) player having played for the Varsity team in highschool and the federal team for under-21 for Racing Football Club.  Habib will be attending AUB Medical School in the fall of 2016.