The 2019 Award

Peter Kfourywas named the recipient of the 2019 Usama al-Khalidi Award at AUB’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences on 28 May 2019. A multi-talented student, Peter has maintained a wide range of academic and extracurricular interests. In the Spring of 2019, Peter graduated with distinction, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor degree in Philosophy, combining his love for the sciences with his passion for the arts and humanities. 

While at AUB, Peter pursued a research internship in Organic Chemistry under the mentorship of Dr. Kamal Bouhadir, at the Department of Chemistry. He has worked on the synthesis, purification, and identification of pyrine cyanuric chloride - derived compounds. 

Since October 2018, Peter has been elected as an FAS member of the Student Representative Committee at AUB. He has served to improve student life on campus by organizing the annual gala and proposing access to commodities needed by the students.  

Peter has been playing the piano since he was eight years old, and has subsequently joined the Lebanese Conservatoire to polish his skills and learn classical music. He has also taught himself how to play the harmonica, which he especially enjoys performing around scout campfire gatherings. 

Peter has been very active in extracurricular activities both on and off – campus, and has regularly volunteered with groups that work with children and youths. For the past two years, he has volunteered in GSF MENA an organization that provides free surgeries for patients with cleft lips and palates. He has been meeting with patients and writing their stories, participating in fundraisers, missions, and conferences, and coordinating the NGO’s exposure during Beirut Marathon events.

Serving as boy scouts leader and chief for several years, Peter has been actively involved in mentoring children and adolescents by organizing weekly reunions around pedagogical games and talks, arranging encounters with the children of SOS in Bhersaf, and organizing music recitals with the Step Together Association, an organization that integrates people with special needs into the community. 

In his own words, “by giving, I have also gained valuable life skills including creativity, team work, and time management.” 

Peter has enrolled in the fall of 2020 to study medicine at AUB and hopes to become a pediatrician in the future.